Most of us don\’t know the following key-points of social media marketing: Everything you need

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a website and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. The information found on these sites is commonly referred to as ‘user-generated content’, which means anyone can post with minimal restrictions or oversight. The rapid use of technology and the availability of these technologies at affordable prices has revolutionized the way business operates today. Business reputation and presence in a market are more driven by ‘social media. It can also be noted that the shift and focus on social media have been drastic and many businesses have been caught off-guard. However, it has created opportunities for online sellers to engage with customers that are not possible in traditional marketing methods. Customers are now become more particular about with whom and from where they are buying products or services. They are willing to make online searches before making any purchase decision, especially for expensive items. It provides a big opportunity for organizations to build better relationships with clients and providing real one to one communication. The satisfaction of the customers is a benefit for the business as they are going to share it with their friends about there experience and likewise, the information spreads really fast. A lot of people use at least one social account like Facebook, Twitter, etc. A business should present their brand where customers are. Traditionally, shops were opened in a crowed place similarly, a business should present in crowded places like social media. Million of people using that every day. This is how a business gets stronger. Social media is a long term strategy which falls under advertising and public relation investment. When social media is combined with other marketing strategies, a particular brand will always at people\’s minds. According to a survey, over 97% of marketers believe that social media marketing campaign increasing their business performance, 41% of marketers agreed that this media can reduce costs that will result in revenue increase. As a summary of this survey, we can see that social media changing how we doing business today. Businesses that directly interacting with customers should use social media to increase their revenue and increase brand awareness.

Big companies can use this media to improve their customer service because they can keep on eye on customer’s behaviors and react fast. Social media helped businesses to create a product which have high demand and according to customers\’ needs. Social media also created a new industry where many people able to make income online. Many people are now enjoying income from home and helped house wife’s to generate income to help their husbands while taking care of their children at home. Despite everything, it also has a negative impact like Filmmakers invest millions of dollars to make movies. Thought social media sites like YouTube or any file sharing sites, any people can enjoy new movies at no cost. Even though industry players took some actions to reduce the impact, but they unable to stop this activity. A successful online presence especially in social media, a company needs an experienced team that can improve companies’ reputation. Any mistake they make in front of thousands of fans or social media members will result in a big reputation impact. So we must careful when performing social media campaigns. Using social media marketing and advertising campaign could be more time consuming because we have to watch out every activity that we should do and engage with people. The advertising cost is much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities. Social media also gives full value for every penny we spend. Social media gives a deep impact on the business world today from small companies to big giant companies. The social media landscape is big and the system and technology continuously growing and changing every day. Social media promising a lot of opportunities and challenges, so the organization must prepare themselves to face this.

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