The AIB (Advantage, Importance, Benefits) of starting your career in Digital Marketing



As we all know the world is suffering from COVID -19 disease.The government of all countries saying to do social distancing as more as possible. So, in this situation the LOCKDOWN was also there so nobody would do shopping or go outside the home. So, in this situation, the digital marketing was very successful. The stores were giving their apps or calls to the customer to order the things online and they would deliver at your home.

Indeed, its online firms that enjoyed the main trading benefits from the lockdown. With people confined to their homes so much, there were several, ways in which the internet became the focus of life.

· Online shopping and delivery was a means of staying at home and reducing the risk of contracting the virus.

· Showing more varieties and colors.

· Sizes would be easily available at a valuable price.

· Exchange offer and more other offers, easy return policy.

Importance of Digital marketing

As I start on this topic, I want to ask a question with to you all, What is the meaning of digital? It means that the technology which helps us to know about the current information about our surroundings by sitting at home. We generally use to gather a platform and discuss the information, but suppose imagine that someone is sick or not able to contact peoples then how would he came to know the recent updates of the society. So, for that, digital platforms are been created through which people get recent updates quickly.

Now, we have learned about what is digital, and now we are going to add a name behind this name that is “MARKETING”. I would think that your peoples would be knowing about MARKETING. As we know that in being digital life, we gain the pieces of knowledge of our surroundings, so being DIGITAL IN MARKETING we come to know about the marketing status of the market. The stores near you of whatever variety like a food court, dress, groceries, electronic items, and every small or big shop would try to keep in touch with them so whenever you need of items in of them, they would provide you easily. In this method, the sender (Shopkeeper) and the receiver (CUSTOMER) didn’t have any problem unless anyone of them does notorious things like fake calls, threats, etc.

The way of working of DIGITAL MARKETING is like that they work on the digital platform so they are being connected to your search engines or social networking sites, so when they see your interest in particular in specific things, they start giving you the notifications, advertisement either on your email id or on your mobile number. The DIGITAL platform also saves paper usage through which the Environment gets protected. In many surveys, it was found that giving ads in Newspapers and magazines was not giving the actual return which everyone wants. As now the world of marketing has been gradually digitizing in recent years.


Digital marketing is all about reaching out to targeted clients at the right time. In today’s technological and digitized world, connecting with your customers online is the best wat to develop your business.

Since the internet has become an evitable part of the modern world today\’s competitive marketplace requires intelligent digital marketing strategies for the launch and growth of any business.

Especially start-up’s and small businesses need a higher level of a digital marketing plan to generate and enhance their communication with potential customers.

If you area start-up or small business owner, you should choose the most profitable digital marketing strategies to achieve your specified marketing objectives while promoting a product or service to hit the marketplace.


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