The greatness of social media marketing in 2020

The most important question one must ask is – Why are they on Social Media? If the

answer is anything other than selling or promoting their business then they need not worry about their social reach. But for the ones wondering about fewer likes on their posts or rare sales of their commodity, Social Media Marketing is one perfect solution to all their problems. Social media has not only become a place of getting someone\’s daily life update but also a magnificent platform for conducting business.

Though internet revolutionized business and sales in the early \’20s, it was only until 2012 that social media geared up to become an integral growth factor for any business forum. Why did my post only get these many likes? How do I grow my business on Instagram and Facebook? What is the magic trick for growing my reach on my social media handles? These questions often arise after uploading a post or comparing one\’s profile to another. A person on social media is a commodity itself that requires an easy interaction with their target audience. There has been a huge explosion in the business sector through social media marketing, using consumer friendly-adaptive technology-forcing some businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. Maximum reach of technologies at limited costs and rapid upgrade of technology are major factors of making Social Media Marketing a boon for business today. The shift of focus to social media has also caught many other businesses off guard. However, engaging consumers through Social Media Marketing can be challenging for people viewing it\’s functioning as the same as traditional media, making it difficult for engaging a wider audience.

Social media is the Gen Z marketing tool with features that widely vary from traditional media marketing such as television, radio, newspapers, etc. A large number of businessmen are today aware of this easily accessible marketing tool, even if they don\’t utilize it to its potential. Researches show that 460 million Indians use the internet actively. Of these, 250 million are social media users. Social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook are the highest penetrated by content creators. Studies conducted by Mass Relevance showed that 59% of people recommended commodities to their peers on social media. A company\’s Social Media marketing strategies are based on such research studies by creating a brand image, connecting to the consumers on the ground level, managing, and updating interactive methods according to ongoing trends. For example, Nike has gained around 119 million followers on Instagram in the last 5-6 years with the contribution of its content strategy that centers on sports personalities embellished in Nike garments as an inspiration much connecting to their tagline of \’Just Do It\’. Regular campaigns run by Nike also factor in for more reach as they participate in voicing their opinion on any major world event. Their recent campaign #makersofthegame a tribute late Kobe Bryant, a known legendary basketball player also boosted their reach.

There are two sides to each coin; similarly, Social Media Marketing can turn to be harmful if misused. Hence, in conclusion, a business\’s content, if organically structured, framed, and distributed can help in more growth rather than hyping up or developing an exaggerated outlook for the target audience. Leveraging other related businesses can also boost potential consumer engagement and to an extent can be rewarding for the customer as much as it is for the business. The perks and detriments of Social Media Marketing should be understood based on the quality of content and promotion and the paradigm shift that the new age media has brought to the table.

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