The importance of social media marketing in this generation

As the Internet prevailed, so did social media (SM). SM is regarded as a network of powerful

structures allowing dynamic interactions and plays a crucial role in corporations as a part of

their basic functional strategies to engage with their stakeholders. Organizations indulge in SM

aiming to receive feedback from their consumers and stakeholders. Today it has become very

important for organizations to realize the importance and the proper functioning of SM platforms

and how that helps them interact with their audience. SM applications such as Facebook,

YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are directed by user-generated data and have proven to be very influential from all business perspectives. The platform of SM aids organizations and brands with

opportunities and continuous improvement while maintaining an online presence by staying

affiliated with their consumers and stakeholders. And yet a proper understanding of how to

leverage the features of SM still remains limited and disintegrated. Organizations also need to

deal with the risks that prevail with the involvement of SM as it becomes more difficult

considering the nature of both the platform and organizations today.

SM and its networking sites have always delivered as the lead drivers for marketing and

enhancing brand awareness for all varieties of businesses. The robustness of SM platforms has

helped conceive an enormous scope for any organization to create a brand for their products

through the spontaneous nature that brings consumer attention to building value for the product.

Fast-growing companies are actively seeking exposure to achieve a desirable image with the help

of aggressive SM marketing.

For businesses to build their SM presence, there are a few constituents that will help boost their

SM marketing strategies and bring them the right amount of attention required to create

consumer motivation. The most crucial step is to choose the social networking platform that

works best for you and your product in terms of your audience and potential users, the amount of

time that can be devoted, and the extent of your available resources. What follows is to create a

SM profile that maintains the balance between the visuals and the text. What you can show using

images does not require text. Minimalism is the key. What organizations usually lack at doing

is picking a posting strategy for your SM. The posting strategy sits on the triad of great

content, excellent timing, and optimal frequency. It is very critical to understand what you are

posting, when, and how often does your organization try to connect with its consumers.

Marketing on SM, if done right, can help increase traffic on your website and improve your

connection and interactions with that niche audience you have been targeting. SM marketing

allows for raising brand awareness and building an identity where consumers can positively

relate with the brand. SM is that missing link between your customers and your company

because a study conducted in 2019, states that 78% of SMEs use SM to get the attention of new

consumers and it depicts to them that the organization is focused on developing

communication with their customers. SM marketing has been considered to boost customer

loyalty since it has a quick response time. SM has always played the role of a catalyst in bringing

out its advantages for marketing in a way that businesses can stage their presence while

interacting with their stakeholders.

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